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Small online retailers are threatened by Internet sales tax policies that favor big business. Let your voice be heard – tell your U.S. Representative to protect small business!


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The Best Thing Congress Can Do for American Workers

We’ve heard a lot of talk in recent weeks about getting the American economy moving. From President Barack Obama’s State of the Union to the early stages of the 2016 campaign, leaders in both parties agree that it’s important to create jobs, invest in the future and expand opportunity. We have a simple solution that helps do all of that: We need to ease and expand our trade with the rest of the world.

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Bond: Marketplace Fairness Act isn’t fair to small business

The Times’ decision to print Dan Casey’s latest column was unfortunate (“Drivers pay the bill if Congress fails to act,” Sept. 21).

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What is We R Here?

The WE R HERE Coalition is the unified voice of small business retailers all across America, trumpeting the positive role of small business in America’s economy.