Small online retailers are threatened by Internet sales tax policies that favor big business. Let your voice be heard – tell your U.S. Representative to protect small business!

Customs relief and free trade means big savings for small business, and greater access to global markets. Tell your Member of Congress to support trade!


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NY Legislature Pushing Internet Sales Tax Again

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature are attempting to stifle Internet commerce yet again, this time going after the marketplaces that enable small busine

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How this tax could make NY a no-go for tech startups

New York state leads in many things: fashion, finance, food, media, museums — all of which helps attract people and businesses and creates the state’s vibrant and diverse economy.

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What is We R Here?

The WE R HERE Coalition is the unified voice of small business retailers all across America, trumpeting the positive role of small business in America’s economy.