Blog: The Return of Taxation without Representation?

Taxation without representation is a term that, for many us, brings back images of middle and high school history teachers lecturing on the era of British control over the New World. 

 But this policy of the past may not stay buried in your high school text book forever.  In fact, national lawmakers are trying to resurrect it by enacting legislation RIGHT NOW that would enable states to tax consumers who aren’t even in their state – essentially taxing buyers who do not have any representation in their state.

 This legislation has been brought forth in the interest of ‘fairness’ to the states because internet retailers can dodge the state taxes that traditional brick and mortar businesses must pay. 

 But is it really ‘fair?’  Most online retailers are small businesses who do not have large budgets or staffs.  Would it be considered fair to require that these small businesses research and adhere to the over 9,000 tax codes present in the 50 states? 

 We think not.  These retailers do not have the man power, time or resources to navigate the treacherous waters of the many tax jurisdictions that large retailers will simply pay an accountant to handle. Speak out and tell your representative to stick up for the little guys so they aren’t kicked to the curb if this legislation comes to pass.

In response to Christopher Bedford’s article in the Daily Caller: How Politicians are Planning the Return of Taxation without Representation