Customs Simplification Will Boost Domestic E-Retailers


February 11, 2015



WE R HERE: Customs Simplification Will Boost Domestic E-Retailers

Washington, DC – WE R HERE Executive Director and tax fairness advocate Phil Bond today released the following statement regarding the association’s decision to involve itself in Congressional debates over free trade, in an effort to help WE R HERE’s 15,000 member companies gain easier access to foreign markets:

“In order to grow and create jobs here in America, small online retailers need ready access to markets around the world. Unfortunately, under current federal law, U.S. customs requirements place an outsized burden on American companies seeking to export to foreign customers.

“Given that, customs reform – and an expansion of free trade more broadly – promises to be one of the areas where helpful Congressional action is possible; WE R HERE looks forward to enabling its members to engage on these important issues to ensure that our members are able to serve customers around the globe on a level playing field.”



WE R HERE is a coalition comprised of small business retailers around the country who are using the Internet and are coming together to ensure government policies are enacted that create a fair marketplace for all types of retail businesses to thrive and innovation to prosper. WE R HERE gives small business online retailers a unified voice, demonstrating to government policy makers and opinion leaders the positive role of online small business retail in the 21st Century economy. The coalition effort mobilizes online retailers to work together to protect them from misguided and predatory laws and regulations that could kill jobs and undermine innovation