Idaho Press-Tribune: Internet Sales Tax On the Table

CALDWELL — Taxation without representation was part of what fueled the American colonies into a revolution. It is now also a subject of debate when it comes to taxing Internet sales.

U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador and the House Judiciary Committee are scheduled to meet today to discuss the issue of Internet sales tax. Here in Idaho, one small business is getting ready for change.

Wayne Johnson moved to Nampa in 2002 with plans of retirement in his future. A year later, he opened Angler’s Habitat, a small fly-fishing business in Caldwell.

Today, his business is booming, in large part to Internet sales. His business sells products on several websites, including 4,100 listings on Amazon. For Johnson, the Internet has helped put his small business on a level playing field with bigger competitors.

“My Internet website could have a $5 million look, and they wouldn’t know we’re a mom-and-pop shop in Caldwell, Idaho,” Johnson said.

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