Letter: Letter writer wrong about Marketplace Fairness Act

It’s disappointing that the Monitor is again giving Scott Metzger a platform to peddle distortions of the Marketplace Fairness Act (Monitor letters, Aug. 18).

He continues to describe the misnamed Marketplace Fairness Act as being aimed at large business. In fact, the largest retailers (Walmart and Amazon) support it precisely because it aims to wipe out small firms.

The proposed bill defines “large” as any online retail business  (where margins are typically less than 5 percent) with more than $1 million in sales. Thus, pro-MFA politicians are forced to describe a business with a razor-thin margin of $50,000 as “large.” That’s bad policy. And that’s why so many small retailers continue to cheer Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s (and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s) opposition to this bad idea.

The burden that MFA would impose is back-breaking.

Imagine if the clerks at all but the tiniest New Hampshire retailers would have to ask each and every customer where they’re from, and then carefully calculate and remit the appropriate sales tax for that customer’s home jurisdiction in dozens of other states.


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