One Year Later, MFA Opponents Have Momentum on Their Side

WE R HERE Executive Director and tax fairness advocate Phil Bond today released the following statement one year after the Senate short-circuited normal procedure to rush passage of the misnamed Marketplace “Fairness” Act over the objections of members from both parties:

One year after Harry Reid and Dick Durbin rammed the Marketplace Fairness Act through the Senate over bipartisan opposition, it’s clear that opponents of this fundamentally flawed bill have momentum on their side. In March in the House of Representatives, Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte called the MFA a ‘nonstarter’, and numerous members of his committee joined him in expressing skepticism of the Senate’s legislation. Instead, Chairman Goodlatte has proposed a thoughtful set of reasoned principles, a roadmap for a reasonable legislative outcome that provides a level playing field, rather than the Senate’s anti-small business bill passed at the behest of Walmart and Amazon.

More recently, more than 40 small online retailers took time away from running their businesses to travel to Washington and share with members of Congress their concerns about the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Although the fight is not yet over, Representatives are clearly listening to their constituents, and hearing their concerns about the Marketplace Fairness Act and its devastating impact on small businesses in their communities. I urge our members companies to continue their outreach to Congress, and to tell their elected officials not to set tax collectors loose on the Internet.