Online Retailers Praise Vitter Effort on Tax Compliance Costs


July 22, 2015


Online Retailers Praise Vitter Effort on Tax Compliance Costs

We R Here Executive Director Phil Bond Says Paperwork Costs Kill Business Growth


Wed, July 22, 2015 – Washington, DC.  We R Here executive director and tax fairness advocate Phil Bond today applauded the work of Sen. David Vitter as “critically important to address key obstacles to small business growth in America”.  Bond was reacting to a hearing held today by Vitter’s Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, examining the impact of tax regulations and compliance costs on small businesses.  The committee heard from witnesses on a wide range of compliance issues but, according to Bond, none are more important or potentially damaging to small businesses than proposed online sales tax proposals now being discussed.

“Small businesses already carry a big burden – regulation, taxation, and litigation,” Bond said. “So, I can’t say strongly enough how important it is that our lawmakers begin to realize that the costs small businesses face every day are daunting.

“Every time Congress, a state legislature, or a municipality passes a new regulation effecting small businesses, the burden increases. Even worse, then these entrepreneurs have to hire accountants and outside help in order to comply,” he added.

“It’s almost as if our system discourages people from starting a business,” Bond said. “Congress needs to appreciate that more.”

Bond said that some legislative proposals now floating around to create a new online sales tax collection mandate for online retailers would create a significant new compliance burden for already stressed small businesses. 

“If enacted, some of these onerous new online sales tax schemes would require online sellers to collect and remit sales taxes for any jurisdiction in America that collects sales taxes, based not on where the retailer is located, but on where the buyer livers.  That’s potentially over 9000 different jurisdictions.

“That’s why Senator Vitter’s attention to the issue of tax compliance costs for small businesses is to be applauded and is long overdue,” Bond said.  “It’s time for our elected officials to prioritize growth of our economy, over growth of the bureaucracy. First, our members suggest don’t add a harmful new tax. Streamlining tax compliance is a great next step.  We need it to cost less to run a business in America, not more,” Bond concluded. 

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