Response to SBA's Study on Effects of Small Business Exemption

As you may have heard by now, the Small Business Administration – a part of the federal government – recently commissioned an outspoken supporter of the Marketplace Fairness Act to study the effects of the small business exemption. Given the researcher’s bias, his conclusions were predictable.

 But the R Street Institute has discovered that producing this study cost taxpayers like you $80,000. It's outrageous that the SBA chose to use taxpayer dollars to carry water for big-box retailers and commission a biased report in support of the MFA. The agency could have gotten the same report, from the same expert, drawing the same conclusions – and without the cost to taxpayers – had they simply let the retailers commission it on their own dime. Read the response to the study by Andrew Moylan of R Street here

 Worse, this report makes no mention of the fact that the MFA would leave small businesses like yours at risk of audits from out-of-state tax authorities in almost 10,000 taxing jurisdictions.

 Please take action on our website and share our concerns about the Marketplace Fairness Act and the threat it poses to small online retailers like yours.