We R Here Coalition Applauds eMainStreet.Org

We R Here Executive Director and tax fairness advocate Phil Bond today applauded actions being taken by the eMainstreet Alliance to oppose attempts by Wal-Mart and other big box retailers to impose new, unfair tax collection mandates on small online retailers. 

 “We R Here has been on the front lines opposing the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act for months,” said Bond.  “It’s a tough fight but we’re making real progress as we talk with members of the US House of Representatives about the underlying unfairness of the bill, it’s real, crushing impact on small online retailers, and the misinformation being put forth by proponents.  The eMainstreet Alliance announcement today that they have recruited small businesses and political leaders across the country to join the fight and take their message directly to lawmakers in Washington is great news for small business, great news for consumers, and great news for job creation and economic growth at the local level.”

 The eMainStreet Alliance is comprised of a group of small businesses who have come together in strong opposition to the Marketplace Fairness Act and other fundamentally unfair online sales tax initiatives and future threats to small businesses. eMainStreet’s website notes, “True Main Street physical retailers and true Main Street Internet retailers are not at odds. We are, in fact, allies and we need to work together to combat legislation that gives special favors and unfair advantages to retail giants.”

 Bond said We R Here “looks forward to working closely with eMainstreet to martial our resources and present a unified and positive front in our effort to defeat those who wish to use new tax collection and reporting laws to limit growth for small online retailers, and place huge new obstacles in front of entrepreneurs thinking of starting a new business of their own.”