WE R HERE Responds to TaxJar CEO Comments on “Free Software” Claims of Internet Sales Tax Supporters

We’ve heard the arguments from supporters of the internet sales tax that the deeply unfair Marketplace Fairness Act can’t be all that onerous for small businesses because they can just use software to track and comply with the 10,000 tax jurisdictions across the country.

Unfortunately for the MFA’s supporters, the CEO of TaxJar – a software company designed to do exactly that, has now spoken up to set the record straight. What Mark Faggiano is saying is what thousands of small business owners know to be true: software isn’t a panacea, and there’s nothing fair about the Marketplace Fairness Act.  (Mark Faggiano’s TaxJar Blog can be found here.

TaxJar CEO Comments on “Free Software” Claims of Internet Sales Tax Supporters

TaxJar is a software system designed to eliminate the pain of sales taxes for small businesses. Mark Faggiano, founder and CEO of TaxJar, and his team of small business experts, have created software to simplify the existing hassles of tracking and filing sales taxes for small business owners.

One of the most common claims of supporters of expanding sales tax collection obligations for small business retailers using the Internet is that free and simple software will address all the new tax challenges. Faggiano commented on the reality of sales tax compliance for Internet-enabled small businesses.

“I talk to small business owners every day, and not one of them has sales taxes all figured out today, and that’s without the Marketplace Fairness Act dramatically expanding their tax obligations to include every state,” explains Mark Faggiano.  “We are in the business of helping small businesses succeed, and we know that asking them to comply, state-by-state, all across the country, will be a huge time-waster and new cost for small businesses trying to grow. Software and services like ours are a huge help for complying with sales tax duties, but the stories being told by some tax software vendors, that all it will take is some cheap software, ignores the real life accounting, legal and registration burdens that will come along with sales tax mandates in the Marketplace Fairness Act, are a huge disservice to small business retailers.” 

 Mark Faggiano can be reached at mark@taxjar.com.