WE R HERE Statement on an Internet Sales Tax Amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution

WASHINGTON, DC – Last year, proponents of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would give states unconstitutional powers, pushed to have an amendment added to the Defense Authorization Bill. Their efforts failed. They are again using this tactic, but this time with an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution. In response to Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) introducing the amendment, Phil Bond, executive director of the WE R HERE coalition, released the following statement.

 “Here they go again – another attempt by senators to sneak through an increase to the burdens on small online retailers, turning them into tax collectors instead of job creators. Once again, they are trying to do this on an unrelated bill instead of going through the regular order. There are good reasons this policy hasn’t been considered in the US Senate for over a decade: Taxpayers don’t like it, it turns the Internet into a tax collection platform, it allows state tax collectors to exercise authority far beyond their boundaries and it will put thousands of small businesses out of business.

 If Senators are at all concerned with how this will impact small online retailers, they should just ask them – instead of consulting big-box multinational corporations. Those multinationals are in many, if not all, states and should collect more taxes. But the innovative little guy should at least get the traditional small business protections that are embedded in dozens of other federal laws. Instead, this is a thinly veiled attack launched by big retailers like Amazon.com against their much smaller competitors  operating online – that’s who will be forced out of business, burdened by reams of sales tax filings and potential audits.”