WE R HERE Welcomes Attorneys General Opposition to So-called ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’

Today, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced the formation of a multi-state coalition opposed to a proposed federal Internet sales tax bill that would force businesses to collect sales tax for other states, counties and cities. You can read the release announcing the formation here.

 WE R HERE Executive Director and tax fairness advocate Phil Bond welcomed the announcement of Attorneys General Michael C. Geraghty of Alaska, Tim Fox of Montana, and Ellen Rosenblum of Oregon that they are challenging the legality and constitutionality of the Marketplace Fairness Act. 

 “This announcement is just the latest reminder that the deeply flawed Marketplace Fairness Act does not stand up to scrutiny because it is extraordinarily unfair both to very small businesses and to a number of states,” said Bond. “WE R HERE applauds the Attorneys General for their stand. In today’s economy, we need more focus on growth and less on looking for ways to saddle very small businesses owners with a new tax scheme that undermines innovation and job creation.”