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Texas Senator Ted Cruz states in a guest column that “it’s incomprehensible the U.S. Senate moved to raise taxes on one of the brightest sectors of our struggling economy.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) criticized the Senate on Monday for moving so quickly on Internet sales tax legislation and said the House will take its time considering it.

We R Here statement on passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act in Senate.

We want to hear from you in regards to the legislation’s arbitrarily chosen $1 million exemption.

Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, emerging as a leading voice of Capitol Hill conservatives, said Monday that it is “incomprehensible” that the Senate is close to passing a bill that would require booming Internet retailers to collect state sales taxes, warning that the move will kill jobs and hurt the economy.

The distortions and costs of this tax far outweigh the value of revenues going to state and local governments.

We R Here member Tim Wagner thinks Internet sales tax laws are “perhaps the scariest change on the horizon for the Internet.”

This year Same Day Computers, Inc. founder and owner Josh Youssef should be celebrating 10 years of running his successful web-enabled small business, but instead he is worried about its future.

Critics of the online sales tax proposal ramped up their criticism Wednesday as the Senate prepares to consider the bill.

With final votes in the US Senate looming on the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act”(S.743) a groundswell of consumer groups, lawmakers, business leaders and other concerned citizens is rising up against Congress rushing to pass a new, ill-conceived tax on web-enabled small businesses.