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In an op-ed by Lynnae Allred, owner of MyBarnwoodFrames.com, Allred explains how the Marketplace Fairness act would hurt her family-owned business.

An Op-Ed by Executive Director, Phil Bond in the Spokesman-Review.

A new study finds software to help small businesses comply with an U.S. Internet sales tax would cost many businesses tens of thousands of dollars to roll out and nearly as much to maintain each year.

For many customers, one of the true benefits in online shopping is the lack of sales tax.

The House should reject the Internet sales tax.

We R Here's statement in response to principles released by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte pertaining to Internet sales tax.

Today the House Judiciary Committee released basic principles pertaining to the issue of Internet sales tax.

An opinion piece by Terri Alpert, co-founder of the Connecticut Small Business Preservation Alliance explains how the Marketplace Fairness Act could “crush many of Connecticut's small businesses and stifle entrepreneurs.”

Polling released today from R Street & National Taxpayers Union makes it clear that the American public doesn't support a new Internet tax system.

Kevin Hickey, CEO of Online Stores Inc. opinion piece featured in The Daily Caller.