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As Washington considers enforcing sales tax collection for Internet purchases, a growing concern among online retailers is how to collect this tax and remit it to state governments.

You think doing taxes is difficult? Imagine having to comply with the various tax laws of 9,600 jurisdictions.

An op-ed by We R Here Excutive Director, Phil Bond.

Blog 1: Maketplace Place Fairness Act – The Real Impact of an Internet Sales Tax

Phil Bond released a statement in recognition of the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week.

In the most recent election campaign voters made it pretty clear that high taxes are among their biggest concerns, along with the need to keep our economic recovery on track.

A summary of headlines and quotes from elected officials opposing Internet Sales Tax Legislation.

We R Here participated in a press conference on Capital Hill on Tuesday, June 18 with Senators and Representatives highlighting the unfairness of the Marketplace Fairness Act

We’ve heard the arguments from supporters of the internet sales tax that the deeply unfair Marketplace Fairness Act can’t be all that onerous for small businesses because they can just use software

Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox, announced the formation of a multi-state coalition opposed to a proposed federal Internet sales tax bill.